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Open Innovation Challenge – City of Trois-Rivières

1 avril 2022

Development and reinforcement of a unique citizen identification

The administration of the city of Trois-Rivières has several software programs that generate data on its citizens. Each system being independent, this data is found doubled in each of them.

Data collection is inefficient because these systems are not connected and do not speak to each other. In a context of municipal organization, the simple verification and documentation of a citizen’s identity will simplify the handling of internal teams. Almost all cities experience this problem. They seek to enrich their urban fabric with digital architectures through technologies, in order to make management more efficient.

The information technology team of the City of Trois-Rivières is looking for startups that could take up the proposed challenge.

By exploring the links and synergies between the different urban sectors, the team wishes to develop and strengthen a unique citizen identification through the different services of the city.

These data systems will profoundly change services to citizens as well as their lifestyles while making the management of the City of Trois-Rivières smarter.

Identified sectors

Property and taxes

Health services

Culture, recreation and community life services

Evaluation and municipal role

Communications to citizens

Service 311 (citizen request)

We are looking for startups specializing in digitization, robotization, and/or artificial intelligence to solve challenges such as:

Increased data collection efficiency

Machine learning

  • Supervised learning
  • Classification

Standardization of data collection through automation or robotization
Or any other relevant solution for the challenge.

Collaboration benefits

Business opportunity

Grow your startup fast with a concrete use case

Market development

Land an important prospect and work directly with the information technology team

Type of collaboration wanted

  • Service contract
  • Co-development of a new solution or co-development of a complementary solution from an existing product


To participate in the challenge, you must:

  • Be established in Quebec or Canada
  • Have demonstrated the fit to market
  • Have reached a level of maturity allowing the implementation of a proof of concept in a municipal-scale organization.


Your product and technology:

  • is applicable to the environment of the City of Trois-Rivières
  • offers an open solution allowing the City to be autonomous after the implementation
  • is an open solution giving autonomy to the City team.

Your startup has reached a level of maturity

  • in terms of sales, pulls, users, customer, team size…
  • has been in business for at least 2 years.

Your startup has a strong founding team

  • experiences, references, mindset, skills and vision.

Your proof of concept

  • assumptions and calculations are realistic
  • is a concrete and quantifiable application case
  • can be tested quickly and implemented in the short term.