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To stimulate the district and its businesses, Open Trois-Rivières is working on numerous projects in collaboration with the ecosystem players. Awareness of entrepreneurship, mobilizing partnerships, improvement of the living environment, support for businesses and startups; one project does not wait for the other! Here are some who are currently buzzing in the district …

Open Quartier Général (OQG)

Open Trois-Rivières will have its own premises at the corner of des Forges and Royale streets, the nerve center of the district. In addition to hosting the IDE Trois-Rivières team responsible for the project, it will be the meeting place for downtown creatives through event programming, brainstorming workshops and co-creation sessions, among others.

Opening this summer

Carré de la Fosse : outdoor public space

Steeped in history, this heritage site was, in 1815, the first public space built outside the fortified village of Trois-Rivières. Thought by and for the community, le Carré de la Fosse comes back to life, nearly 200 years later.

The City of Trois-Rivières, in collaboration with several players including 100 degrés and Open Trois-Rivières, decided last fall to revive it differently from a traditional park. Culture Trois-Rivières, La Brouette, La Démarche des premiers quartiers, La Corporation des événements de Trois-Rivières and Trois-Rivières Centre mobilized around the project.

Le Carré hosts and spontaneously proposes events, community gardens, playgrounds, dining areas and works of art, among others.

Lab35, student entrepreneurial cooperative

University entrepreneurial laboratory allowing students to imagine, conceptualize, experiment and develop their ideas in order to create concrete projects that are adopted by companies.

The services of Lab35 aim to initiate a collaboration between companies and students from different concentrations. Companies will submit different challenges (technological, social, economic, managerial, environmental) that students will face to understand and find solutions.

The Lab35 offices will be located at Open office on des Forges Street.

Start of operations: September 2019

Open-air laboratory for tourism startups

Trois-Rivières will host an open-air experimentation laboratory for startups in the heart of downtown. The Tourism and Open teams at Innovation et Développement économique Trois-Rivières are joining forces to co-develop this pilot project in collaboration with downtown and regional stakeholders.

Downtown Trois-Rivières will open its doors to this innovation project to enable startups in tourism, culture and entertainment to experiment with their products and services in various businesses, attractions and cultural events. The testbed will improve the offer and the attractiveness of the latter and give access to return on investment measures for young companies, an important lever for their development.

Downtown has been identified as a playground for its great ability to innovate and accommodate new ideas and technologies.

First projects this summer

Incubation ecosystem

Open wants to support its startups through incubation programs. The idea of ​​giving way to an incubation ecosystem was favored over a physical building (incubator).

Startups will be able to develop their project from existing businesses in their area of ​​the Open District, at their premises, sponsored by entrepreneurs while following the incubation program. The cohorts will meet regularly at the local Open during their course.

To come up

Parcours Plein potentiel Trois-Rivières

The Full Potential Course will enable SMEs and regional organizations to acquire skills in innovation management through training and workshops. It will also promote the integration of innovative practices within participating organizations.

Benefits for the company:

  • Outbreak of a culture of innovation
  • Greater agility
  • Improved capacity for innovation and adaptation to changing markets
  • Improving competitiveness

January 2020

Food Innovation Center

In 2021, downtown Trois-Rivières will host its food innovation center in the industrial building occupied since 1904 by Germain et Frère.

Born from a reflection on the contribution of food to the sustainable planning of the territory and the strengthening of complete and quality living environments, this “food hub” aims to set up – in one place – a food system of proximity and to offer fresh and low-processed food for consumers and the catering market.


Green alley

In a desire to improve the quality of life within the district, several greening projects are in the plans.

A first green alley will be built downtown with self-contained gardens and a layout designed to improve the quality of an alley until today abandoned.

The alley will be located in the heart of Open Trois-Rivières.

Summer 2019

Fab Labs Network

A Fab Lab is a place open to the public where all sorts of tools for designing and producing objects are made available to users so that they can prototype their concepts into real objects. Fab Labs are places that are based on openness and collaboration.

They are intended for entrepreneurs, designers, artists, do-it-yourselfers, students or “hackers” of all kinds. In the Trois-Rivières Open, infrastructure and support offerings will be deployed to enable district creators to materialize their product ideas with their equipment and prototype their concepts. Everything will be done through the expertise of already established partners. So there will not be a place called Fab Lab but rather a network in which each expertise will be identified and users can move to the location they really need.

Fall 2019

Camp Techno Prompt

This camp aims to introduce, inspire and motivate young people to programming and all ICTs. The goal is to awaken their curiosity, to develop their knowledge and their interests in this field of expertise which will be more and more growing in our societies.

The camp does not only teach them to code, it equips them with powerful means to invent the world of tomorrow, to fulfill, to realize, to create differently and to pass from a role of user to that of creator of technologies.

During this week, which will be held at Keranna High School, they will visit the offices of some Trois-Rivières companies, including Noovelia, Novo, Waste Robotics and C2T3.

August 12 to 16, 2019

Neighborhood beer

Opener, district beer!

In collaboration with the microbrewery Le Temps d’une Pinte and Étincelle de votre Audace, this IPA Session, with its mango and citrus nose and its sustained bitterness, is perfect for starting the discussion and stirring up great things.

Now available in Open events